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New Lavender Eye Pillows
The eye bags have changed to eye pillows. They're now filled with white rice and dried lavender. They're still microwave and freezer safe. I just decided I liked the sound of "pillows" better than "bags" and rice instead of flaxseed. Have you tried one before?

New Rice Bags Added!
Getting ready for the holidays here at Sugar Bear Stitches! I have added 13 new wrap around rice bags to the website that are ready to ship today. I will also be adding another 8 more in the next few days. Are you looking for a specific print or theme? Let me know. I carry most ACC and SEC college teams along with a wide variety of florals, cats, dogs, and other novelty prints. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Please take a look around at all the product categories and find something that calls to you!
Happy Spring, Sugar Bears! My workshop is right smack in the middle of the backyard, so I get to enjoy the flowers, birds, and blue skies while I work. I recently planted a few lavender bushes and will try to dry my own flowers for the wrap around and eye rice bags. I will be bringing in new prints for the usual items, as well as bringing back water bottle holders. Thank you again for all your interest and stay tuned for more blog posts.

With Love,